Certification Compliant Performance Analysis and Requirements Management of an Electrically Powered General Aviation Aircraft


  • Luca Hein University of the Bundeswehr Munich
  • Purav Panchal University of the Bundeswehr Munich
  • Stephan Myschik University of the Bundeswehr Munich


Requirements, Certification, Polarion, Simulation, Performance Analysis


This article presents an implementation of a requirements validation toolchain for the certification-compliant performance analysis of an electrically powered general aviation aircraft. As part of the dtec.bw project ELAPSED, a novel approach for an electric propulsion system for an aircraft of the EASA certification specification class CS-22 is developed. Predefined requirements for the aircraft must be met by the design in order to comply with the CS-22 certification rules, such as a maximum take-off distance of 500 meters. Other requirements defined by the manufacturer or customer can also be easily added. A toolchain providing bidirectional traceability from the requirements to the test results has been established to validate the feasibility of the aircraft and system requirements and their compliance with the certification standards. This toolchain consists of Polarion PLM for requirements management and MATLAB/Simulink for mission evaluation using a non-linear 6-DoF simulation model for the respective aircraft. Two in-house tools called SimPol and Tico provide connectivity and round-tripping between Polarion and Simulink. The application of this toolchain is presented in this article using a test run with 3 requirements.


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Author Biographies

Purav Panchal, University of the Bundeswehr Munich

Research Associate @ Institute for Aeronautical Engineering

Stephan Myschik, University of the Bundeswehr Munich

Professor and Chair @ Institute for Aeronautical Engineering


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L. Hein, P. Panchal, and S. Myschik, “Certification Compliant Performance Analysis and Requirements Management of an Electrically Powered General Aviation Aircraft”, JAST, vol. 17, no. Special Issue, pp. 208–218, Apr. 2024.